Curiosity doesn’t kill

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While I was watching National Geographic tribute to the nineties, I couldn’t remember the famous story from 1993. It would be a trial of the century if it wasn’t O.J.Simpson case. I am talking about Loretta and John Bobbit. If you don’t remember it, it was an incident when Loretta claimed that her husband John raped her, and because of that, she cut his penis with a knife. She ran from the house and threw his penis outside, but came to her senses at one point and called 9-1-1. Later his penis was reattached after an operation which lasted for nine hours. Then came the trial which whole America watched. If you want to know more about this case, I won’t spoil it. Watch this fun National Geographic show, because you can remember all those moments from the nineties. Or go online and see the case for yourself. But this isn’t why I started writing about this topic. I started because I was interested to find more about penis enlargement procedures. In the case of John Bobbit, phallus was just reattached and the operation was successful. But it got me thinking about the people who are not impressed with the size of their penis. What could people do if they want to enlarge their penis? Inform yourself more on mensizematters.com.bxperiment11

Well, I was not impressed with the solutions. You see, if you go to a surgeon and you ask him about penis enlargement operation, you won’t be satisfied. Surgeons don’t recommend this procedure because it’s not risk-free operation. The case of John Bobbit was a different situation. Reattachment of penis, finger or any other part of your body, can be done because it’s another type of operation. This, however, isn’t recommended and in these circumstances patients choose health and not a risky operation. It came to me as a shock because I thought that medicine improved so much that they can help in every aspect of our lives. But then I asked myself a question, is there any other way to improve the size of your “manhood”?

penis-enlargement-girth-clamp-kit-with-guide_285354I went further in the research and I found other techniques that can unofficially enlarge your penis. For example, there is a technique called clamping. With this I was familiar, but I didn’t know how it’s called, because I saw in some movie situation when some guy ties a shoelace around his penis to make him bigger. Shoelace isn’t the only object that can be used in this circumstance. You can try it with a ring as well. This method is done when your phallus is fully erect and some people call it also extended masturbation. However, I don’t have to mention that this is a dangerous method. You could just imagine what would happen if the ring got stuck on your penis. Let me just say that an amputation is an option.

Penis-Clamping-Kit-for-Penis-Enlargement-2-Penis-Extender-Stretcher-Replacement-Comfort-Sleeves-Use-ONLY-HAVESo this was just one of the examples I found that people are using to enlarge their penis. There were more but I didn’t want to look more. I was just curious about the penis enlargement operation.